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One of the most ridiculous and preposterous sayings ever spoken, or at least thought, in some form, most likely by every man, who has ever lived [at some point] is: “No one is going to tell me what to do.”

Authority is essential to maintain order and structure throughout humanity. It is necessary for peace and safety in a world with billions of people. Unfortunately, the purpose of the authority is not understood. In fact, in most cases, it’s despised because men think it goes against them. The truth is… authority actual works in our favor.


Author: S.A. Scott  | Pages: 204  | Chapters: 25 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. God is authority
  2. Understanding the need for authority
  3. Made to obey His voice
  4. Look for it in ‘Lost and found’
  5. Love gives the ability to obey
  6. Authority makes the world go around more smoothly
  7. It is important to stay in the lines
  8. God’s delegated authority to serve His purpose
  9. God’s delegated authority in secular government
  10. God’s delegated authority in His churches
  11. God’s delegated authority in the home
  12. God’s delegated authority in the work place
  13. A lesson in submission
  14. Is it ever right to question authority?
  15. Delegated authority has limits
  16. Renegades and rebels
  17. Reject authority, welcome Satan
  18. How is authority viewed?
  19. The enemies of authority
  20. The untaught lesson of authority
  21. The first and final authority
  22. Fences keep the hens in and foxes out
  23. It’s a matter of life and death
  24. Reclamation of all authority
  25. Authority is love

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