Scriptural Fellowship


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Dr. Shelton Smith takes an in-depth look at the proper basis for our fellowship as it is presented in the Bible. In a day of compromise, he makes a clearly defined fundamental case for ecclesiastical separation. Fellowship was ordained of God as a means of building up believers in the Faith. When fellowship is based on the false foundation of compromise with error, however, its effect is just the opposite.


Author: Shelton Smith  | Pages: 85  | Chapters: 8 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. The Fellowship Thing
  2. The New-Testament Lines of Demarcation
  3. To Fellowship or Not to Fellowship
  4. When Separation or Fellowship Becomes Necessary
  5. A Practical Checklist for Church Conflict
  6. Love and Unity, Shift and Drift
  7. No Scripture Justifies Ecumenical Togetherness
  8. Appendix

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Scriptural Fellowship

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