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God desires His people to be goal-oriented, always seeking to grow and move forward. What do you see in your future? What do you picture yourself accomplishing for Christ, for your family, or for your church? In Vision, Dr. Jack Trieber delineates several areas one should capture a vision for, based on the Scriptures.

This powerful book will challenge and encourage you to develop strong, Biblical ambitions in your Christian life.


Author: Jack Trieber  | Pages: 136  | Chapters: 12 | Format: Hardback


Chapter Titles

  1. A Vision for Service
  2. A Vision for Soul
  3. A Vision for Stewardship
  4. A Vision for Strength
  5. A Vision for Our Sons and Daughters
  6. A Vision for Salvation
  7. A Vision for the Sanctuary
  8. A Vision for Sacrifice
  9. A Vision for a Silent Night
  10. A Vision for Spirituality
  11. A Vision for the Scriptures
  12. A Vision for Separation


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