Trial By Fire


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This book is about the trials that our Independent Baptist Churches are facing America today. These trials are meant for our triumph, not our destruction. God is allowing us to be tested in ways that we do not desire. Trials can send us forward in building great churches and they will give us toughness for the work of the Lord. We must learn from these trials rather than allow them to break us.


Author: Bob Gray Sr.  | Pages: 383  | Chapters: 31 | Format: Hardback


Chapter Titles

  1. Unity: A Word That Concerns Me
  2. Satan’s Attack On Our Harmony
  3. The Tolerance Of Intolerance
  4. Satan’s Goal Is To Destroy
  5. It’s Time To Grow Up!
  6. Our Stand On Homosexuality
  7. Restoring The Fallen
  8. A Thirst For Sin
  9. Collateral Damage
  10. Churches In The Fire
  11. This Can Work Together For Good!
  12. Satan’s Use Of Rebel Adult Children
  13. Dangers In Major Scandals
  14. Satan’s Use Of Repentance
  15. The Sinner’s Prayer
  16. Accountability
  17. True Independence
  18. Church Services Attacked
  19. Pastoral Authority Attacked
  20. Our Heroes Attacked
  21. Writing Wrongs
  22. Why Isn’t It Working For You?
  23. If Ministering Stops Being Fun
  24. The Public Invitation Attacked
  25. What Damaged The IF Movement?
  26. Independent Baptists Attacked
  27. Millennialists
  28. Satan’s Attack Using Calvanism
  29. Architects, Accountants, and Attorneys
  30. Fundamentalism Attacked
  31. IF Preaching Attacked

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Trial By Fire

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